Meaning of Honda History and Logo

Honda History
Honda History

Car logos can contain a lot of information about the history of the brand. In addition, automobile logos can have many meanings. For example, Honda uses a separate logo for motorcycles, separate cars. So what is the reason for this, let's learn the history of Honda together and why it has 2 different logos.

Meaning of Honda History and Logo:

Honda was founded by Soichiro in 1948 in Japan. Soichiro presented a project he developed while working as a technician in a modified firm to Toyota, but his project was rejected by Toyota. In order to realize his project, he sold his wife's jewelry and developed his project and had it accepted by Toyota. The factory Toyota built for the project was destroyed in the earthquake. However, Soichiro Honda has developed an engine that can be retrofitted to bicycles when the use of cars fell due to the fuel shortage that occurred during the 2nd World War. In 1964, it became the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Therefore, for Soichiro, motorcycles have a different place and it is thought that it has a separate logo.

Logo Replacement of Honda

Honda Has A Logo Name Model:

Honda Logo

Honda Logo is a small-class car model produced between 1996-2001. The vehicle is in the product range between Honda Life and Civic. He left his place to the Honda Jazz.

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