How to Replace a Damaged Tire?

How to Change a Tire
How to Change a Tire

How to Replace a Damaged Tire? : How to replace punctured, deflated or damaged tires with a spare wheel. How to replace a damaged tire? What should be considered during tire change? What are the safety precautions to be taken when changing tires? What are tips for making Tire Change easier?

1-) Things to Do Before Changing Tires and Safety Precautions

Being visible in flowing traffic is very important for your safety and traffic flow. Be sure to light your flashers (quads) and wear your highlighter vest, if any, and place the emergency warning triangle approximately 30 meters behind your vehicle. Put on your gloves, if any, the gloves will protect your hands from both possible injuries and dirt accumulated in the tire and on the rim. Make sure your vehicle is on level ground.

How to Change a Tire

2-) Materials Required to Replace a Damaged Car Tire

If your vehicle has more than one tire damaged, this can be a problem. Because modern vehicles usually have 1 spare tire (spare wheel). Even some models have run-flat (non-flat tire) tire repair kits only. So you should first check what kind of tire the tire is, whether the materials are complete and their condition. If the following basic materials are in your vehicle, you can replace the damaged tire. If there is missing material, it is useful to ask for help.

Essential Materials Required for Damaged Tire Replacement:

  • Spare Tire (Spare Wheel)
  • Jack
  • Wheel wrench

How to Replace a Wheel

Essential essential materials are usually found in the luggage compartment or suspended under the vehicle. If these materials are not available in your vehicle, missing or damaged, it is reasonable to call for help.

3-) Tips on How to Replace a Damaged Tire Easily

  • If your vehicle is manual (manual) gear, shift it to 1 or automatic gearbox to P (park) mode and make sure that the parking brake is applied. Doing so will both provide security during tire change and prevent the tire from turning harder during the tire removal.
  • Before lifting the vehicle, slightly loosen the wheel bolts of the tire to be changed. Even though this sounds dangerous, it's done right zamis a safe method. The help of the lug nuts of your damaged tire, the lug wrench Some Loosen. This loosening will help disassemble the bolts more easily in the next step. Loosening the wheel bolts too much can be dangerous for you and your vehicle!
  • Since you will work on your knees all the time, you can work by taking one of your vehicle's fabric mat and placing it under your knees, so that it does not get dirty on you and does not hurt you.

4-) Removing the Vehicle Safely

Check if your vehicle is on a slope. If there is a slope that does not pose any danger, start the change process. In places with excessive slopes, the change will be dangerous. Make sure that your jack is near the location of the damaged tire and the surface of the jack that will come in contact with the vehicle düz ve a solid surface make sure it is positioned. If you try to lift your vehicle from an unstable spot, you may damage the vehicle. Then lift your vehicle carefully from the ground with the help of the jack handle. If the damaged tire of your vehicle is 3 or 5 centimeters above the ground, it will be sufficient for a tire change.

Jack Usage

5-) Replacement of Damaged Tire

After the damaged tire is out of contact with the ground, you can now start removing the wheel bolts with the help of the wheel wrench. At this stage, if you have not followed the tip we explained in step 3, you may have trouble loosening the wheel bolts. If you are having difficulty loosening, you can increase the length of the bolt wrench force lever to make the wheel bolt easier. (eg to extend the end of the wheel wrench with a tubular piece of iron or use the extension tool, if any) After loosening the wheel bolts, you can now remove the damaged tire and replace the spare tire. In the meantime, be sure to put the studs in a place that will not be lost. After replacing the spare tire, replace the wheel bolts completely and tighten them by hand. When it becomes too tight to tighten with your hand, tighten them all with the help of the wheel wrench. Check that the tire is fully seated and slowly lower the car by lowering the jack. After your vehicle comes into contact with the ground, it is useful to check the tightness of the studs again.

How to Replace a Damaged Tire

6-) Go to the Nearest Tire Shop

Spare Tires can only be used within a certain speed limit and for a certain kilometer. Therefore, after installing the spare tire, it is very important to go to the nearest tire and have your tire repaired or to buy a new tire.

It is an information-only article. Take advantage of the instructions written in the user manual of your vehicle or seek help from a professional!

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