Test of 2 Workers Working at Ford Otosan Positive

Testing of Workers Working at Ford Otosan Positive

Testing of 2 Workers Working at Ford Otosanda, which stopped production, was positive. The message sent to the workers by e-mail by Haydar Yenigün, General Manager of Ford Otosan, stated that as of March 28, the COVID-2 test of 19 workers was positive.

Test of 2 Workers Working at Ford Otosan Positive

The message sent by Ford Otosan to the employees includes the following statements. “We regret to inform you that as of March 28, we received the information that 2 of our co-workers were given the COVID-19 test due to health complaints and unfortunately the test result was positive. One of our colleagues was quarantined at the hospital and the other at home. These referrals are made by hospitals. Depending on the condition of the patients, quarantine is also applied at home. Both of our friends are in good health ”

In addition, in the information message that the identity of the workers whose test was positive due to patient privacy was not shared, the statements of “We keep close contact with our colleagues and their families and follow the developments closely” were included.

Ford Otosan 'As of March 19th and 21st, the factories had a 2-week break in production, but some workers were called back to work on a voluntary basis, saying "An ambulance will be produced."

About Ford Otosan

Ford Otosan is a Turkish automotive company founded in 1959.

In 1997, Ford Otosan was founded with the equalization of Koç Holding and Ford shares. Producing Anadol brand vehicles between 1966-1984, Otosan produced Ford's Taunus, Escort, Transit, Connect and Courier models in the following years. Ford Otosan employs over 10.000 people in Kocaeli Gölcük, Yeniköy and Eskişehir İnönü Factories, Istanbul Kartal Spare Parts Center and Sancaktepe R&D Center. [5] In addition to vehicle exports, Ford Otosan has exported more than $ 5 million in engineering for the past 320 years. As of 2014, a research and development center was opened in Sancaktepe. Ford Otosan, which since 2005 has taken place among Turkey's top three most exporting company, has been most exporting companies in the automotive sector since 2012. In 2015, Turkey has become the most exporting company location.

As of 2015, Ford Otosan has the highest installed production capacity in the Turkish automotive industry with an annual production capacity of 415 thousand commercial vehicles, 80 thousand engines and 140 thousand transfer units, and Ford is the largest commercial vehicle production center in Europe. Ford Otosan is Ford's global design and engineering research center for heavy commercial vehicles and a support center for light commercial vehicles. Today, Ford Transit, Tourneo Custom, Transit Custom, Tourneo Courier, Transit Courier light and medium commercial and Ford Trucks heavy commercial vehicles and Ecotorq and Duratorq diesel engines are produced for the world markets. Source: Wikipedia

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