Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Will Be Required

electric vehicle charging stations will be mandatory
electric vehicle charging stations will be mandatory

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum reminded that they recently announced the National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan.

Stating that the new era has begun for the cities with this action plan, the Authority said that a smart system has been implemented and a new system in which all provinces on a regional and national scale are integrated.

The institution is not only among the cities but also in the same zamHe explained that they will also ensure the integration of all systems, spaces, items and even automobiles in that city at the moment.

In order to ensure the integration of the smart car in all venues, the Ministry stated that they started the meetings by meeting with the relevant institutions and organizations, and said:

“In order to meet the needs of our age, we will implement the navigation application for the management of electric charging stations from a common portal. Electric charging stations in the navigation application can be accessed anywhere in Turkey, our citizens will be able to see the units as required by the health centers. "

Noting that electric charging stations are already available within the framework of the Parking Regulation, the Authority said:

“Within the framework of the regulation, we made the charging unit compulsory in shopping malls and public parking lots. We also carry out this process according to the number of vehicles in the mall and the number of pieces in the parking lot. When we combine this opportunity with the navigation application, our smart car will be able to move to every point of our country by entering from Edirne. We have to do this application (charging unit for electric car) in a number of parking lots. I hope we will prepare and publish our regulation that will make this mandatory. The current regulation requires this already. We have to do this application. Maybe we will reduce the number, increase it, look at it, but electric charging stations will be mandatory. ”

The Minister also stated that they have given the municipalities and governorates the authority to decide on increasing the parking lots for domestic cars, depending on the need. (ÇSB)

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