Dacia March Campaigns and Prices

Dacia March Campaigns

For Dacia, March, Duster, Sandero and Dokker models offer zero interest rates and reasonable prices.

Dacia March Campaigns and Prices:

Within the Dacia March campaign, Duster is offered for sale at prices starting from 115 thousand 500 TL, Sandero 86 thousand 350 TL, and Dacia Dokker from 83 thousand 250 TL. In addition, Dacia's March campaign offers a 1.0-month, zero-interest loan option for Duster Comfort 100 Tce 4bg 2 × 1.0, Sandero Ambiance 75 Sce 1.5bg and Dokker Van Ambiance 95 Blue dCi 12bg.

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