BMW Changed Its Logo After 23 Years

The new BMW logo
The new BMW logo

BMW, one of the brands that got Tesla in the electric car race, 4 percent electric new model iXNUMXRaised the veil on. With the new model of the German manufacturer, it was also revealed that after 23 years, the logo changed.

It was observed that some colors were replaced by transparent shades in the new logo of the BMW brand. The brand, which is the most known symbol and logo in the world, has become the 104th variant within the 6-year structure. As it is known, firstly, the blue tones in the middle part, which are suitable for the production of aircraft engines, appear to be more prominent in the new change. The color change was also displayed on the newly introduced BMW i4 vehicle.

BMW logo changes were made in 1917, 1933, 1953, 1963 and 1997.

Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President of BMW Customer Brand, stated the following in his message on the subject: “The new logo and brand design symbolizes the importance and relevance of the brand for mobile and future driving pleasure”

Here is BMW's New Logo:

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