Another Discount For Gasoline Coming

Gasoline Discount Comes
Gasoline Discount Comes

Gasoline at 12:00 last night  7 Kuruş zam we announced that it will be done. Made zamGasoline prices rose slightly after the month. But the news of the gasoline discount came soon after. According to the statement made today 25 cents a discount will be made. The discount will be available from midnight tonight.

The sharp decline in oil prices continues to reflect as a discount on gasoline, which will be the third discount on gasoline.

Average Gas Prices with Gasoline Discount Will Be The Following:

Gasoline sold on average from 5,70 TL in Ankara will be 5,45 TL.

Gasoline sold at an average of 5,62 TL in Istanbul will be 5,37 TL.

Gasoline sold on average from 5,69 TL in İzmir will be 5,44 TL.

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