Gasoline and Diesel Prices Can Be Another Discount

Current Gasoline and Diesel Prices
Current Gasoline and Diesel Prices

Over the past week, there have been several discounts on fuel prices due to global oil wars. Therefore, also in Turkey before petrol and diesel 60 cents to 56 cents it was made then only 51 centimes discount gasoline. Iraq and Kuwait and then decided to make a discount to the price of gasoline and diesel fuel prices in Turkey occurred later sale expectation.

Gasoline and Diesel Prices Can Fall Up to 4 TL in April

If oil competition continues between crude oil producers, gasoline and diesel prices are expected to fall to TL 4 in April.

Current Gasoline and Diesel Prices:

  • Ankara Gasoline Price: 5,63 TL
  • Ankara Diesel Price: 5,76 TL
  • Istanbul Gasoline Price: 5,55 TL
  • İstanbul Diesel Price: 5,69 TL
  • İzmir Gasoline Price: 5,62 TL
  • İzmir Diesel Price: 5,78 TL

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