After Two Big Discounts on Gas Prices Zam coming

Gas Prices Zam coming
Gas Prices Zam coming

7 kuruş cost, which will be valid from midnight after two big discounts on gasoline prices. zam to do. After two big discounts last week, this time zam It is coming.

In parallel with the falling oil prices due to the global fuel wars, two big reductions were made in the liter price of gasoline last week. As a result of discounts up to 1,11 TL in total, it became cheaper than gasoline engine.

This time it costs 7 cents per liter of gasoline zam to do. Gasoline zamIs it valid from midnight?

Petrol zamAverage Gasoline Prices Will Be As follows:

Gasoline sold on average from 5,63 TL in Ankara will be 5,70 TL.

Gasoline sold at an average of 5,55 TL in Istanbul will be 5,62 TL.

Gasoline sold on average from 5,62 TL in İzmir will be 5,69 TL.

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