BASDEC in the UK for New Collaborations in Defense and Aviation

Bursa Space Defense and Aviation Cluster (BASDEC), operating under the roof of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, participated in the UK Roadshow 2020 bilateral business meetings and panels organized by the International Trade Department of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Manchester, Coventry, Oxford and London.

BTSO, the roof organization of Bursa's business world, continues its activities for new export markets in defense and aviation. BASDEC, which brings together Bursa companies with the leading companies operating in defense and aviation under the leadership of BTSO, continues its activities in foreign markets without a break. BASDEC, which participated in qualified fairs and B2B organizations on different continents, was the stop this time in England. In the bilateral business meetings and panels organized by the International Trade Department of the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he provided information about the economy of Bursa and the technological production capabilities of BASDEC companies.


President of BASDEC Mustafa Hatipoğlu said that there are over 120 companies within the cluster operating under the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Hatipoğlu stated that the companies participated in fair programs in Turkey and abroad within the scope of UR-GE and clustering activities carried out under the leadership of BTSO, and that the UK program, which has important meetings in defense and aviation industry, was very productive. Hatipoğlu emphasized that the potential of Bursa in the field of aviation and defense was shared in detail in England business trip.


Stating that the companies that are members of BASDEC have come a long way especially in defense and aviation points, Hatipoğlu continues, “Our platform continues to work to strengthen its competitiveness in strategic sectors in Bursa, which has production experience in different fields such as automotive, machinery and textile sectors. During the UK visit on behalf of BASDEC, we provided information about the place of BASDEC companies in the Turkish defense industry and developments in the last 7 years. As part of the program, while we were meeting with companies from different sectors of the defense and aviation sectors, we shared information on behalf of BTSO and BASDEC in the panel held in Oxford. In the UK program while also visit Hartwell Campus, we attended the reception hosted by the Ambassador of Turkey Umit Yalcin. These programs, which are efficient for BASDEC, our Space defense and aviation cluster that continues its activities under the leadership of BTSO, will continue in the coming periods. ”

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