5 methods that vehicle thieves apply

5 methods used for car theft
5 methods used for car theft

Car theft is one of the unlucky situations that are frequently encountered. Although the thieves are afraid with the developing technology, theft events are not reduced. However, knowing the methods most frequently used by vehicle thieves can prevent theft of vehicles by helping to take necessary measures. 150 years of history rooted in Turkey's first insurance company to be entitled to call Generali Insuranceexplained the methods most frequently used by vehicle thieves and how to protect them from these methods.

  • Using the tow truck: Pulling the vehicle, which is one of the most frequently used methods by thieves, is one of the easiest ways for thieves. The thieves who steal more than one vehicle during the day with the vehicle they have captured make their work practical with this method. If you see your vehicle being towed, feel free to intervene. Because as soon as the owner of the vehicle comes near the vehicle, the withdrawal process becomes only a penalty. If the thieves who pulled your vehicle, the license plate and vehicle brand-model of the tow truck must be contacted immediately and the police.
  • Waiting near the ATM: One of the mistakes that most car owners make is not to lock their car when it pauses for their short work. This carelessness is an invitation for thieves who monitor vehicle owners near the ATM, giving you the opportunity to capture the vehicle you use. It is important to keep in mind the control of the windows and the locking of the vehicle even in the works that are planned to be dealt with immediately.
  • Multiply tactics: The hit-and-play tactic, one of the thieves' vehicle-stealing tactics, is a tactic, especially used among organized thieves. The thieves create a small-scale accident to get the car driver out of the vehicle, and the driver who is distracted in the event is expected to leave the vehicle. If the driver who exits the car forgets the key and does not lock the vehicle, another thief in the group will steal the vehicle. Therefore, it should be very careful in small traffic accidents.
  • Carrying out the role of duty in areas such as shopping malls, shopping malls and hospitals: Vehicle thieves, who are lurking especially in busy and crowded areas, can take over your vehicle by playing a role in social use areas such as parking lot, shopping mall, hospital and market. A momentary carelessness of daily life in crowded areas can have unpleasant consequences. Therefore, if abnormal behavior and an informal impression are perceived from the person in charge, caution should be exercised.
  • Extracting a duplicate key: One of the unbelievable methods of thieves is the method of making copies by stealing the original keys from the vehicles left in the parking lot, auto service, car wash and vehicle maintenance stations. Vehicle thieves, who follow the driver by leaving the original key in place, seize the vehicle with a duplicate key in the area where it is possible. In order not to be a victim of this method, one should be careful and reliable institutions are preferred in stations such as auto service, car washing, car maintenance service.

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