The meaning of the Alfa Romeo logo

What the meaning of the Alfa Romeo logo
What the meaning of the Alfa Romeo logo

Car logos can contain a lot of information about the history of the brand. In addition, automobile logos can have many meanings. For example, he is very curious about the meaning of the dragon, which is confused with the cross and snake in the logo of Alfa Romeo, and why it is in the logo. So, what does the history and logo of the Alfa Romeo brand mean?

Meaning of Alfa Romeo History and Logo:

Alfa Romeo is a car manufacturer that was founded in Milan, Italy in 1910, by an aristocratic family from Milan. This year 110th Age Celebrating Alfa Romeo, Anonym Lombardo Fabbricca Automobili was founded under the name ALFA, and later, in 1919, it was finally Alfa Romeo with the addition of Romeo.

Alfa Romeo Logo

He also paid attention to use the symbols of the city of Milan in the Alfa Romeo logo. These symbols are a dragon in the flames of the Visconti family and a red cross on the emblem of the city. In the upper part of the dark blue band added to the logo in 1918, the brand's own name is written as Alfa Romeo. The marines knots added after this addition were also used to represent the Italian kingdom dynasty. After the “Alfa P1925” brand produced by Alfa Romeo company in 2 won the World Automobile Championship, the laurel leaves were added to the design of the emblem.Alfa Romeo Logo History

Alfa Romeo, which became a popular brand in Europe especially in the 1960s, joined Fiat in 1986. Its management is in the hands of Fiat. Drawing attention with the sports model cars it produces, Alfa Romeo is the first zamAlthough Anlar also produced various vehicles such as trucks, minibuses and trolleybuses, it later decided to produce only passenger cars.

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