Tofaş Started Protective Equipment Production

Tofaş Starts to Produce Protective Equipment for the Coronavirus Challenge

Tofaş Starts to Produce Protective Equipment for the Coronavirus Challenge

Tofaş started manufacturing equipment to support the availability of medical supplies needed to combat the New Type of Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic. The first samples of medical support equipment, biological sampling cabin and intubation cabin developed and produced in Tofaş, in order to protect the personnel working in the health sector from the virus, were delivered to Bursa City Hospital the other day.

In addition to these equipments, Tofaş will start mass production of the "mask with visor" as of this week and will support healthcare workers.

Tofaş Started Protective Equipment Production

Turkey's fifth largest industrial enterprise Tofas world under domain New Type Coronavirus (covered by Covidien-19) combat the epidemic began producing medical support equipment for health care workers. The biological sampling cabinet and intubation cabinet developed to protect the healthcare personnel and the hospital environment from the virus were delivered to Bursa Bursa City Hospital physicians. In order to prevent the spread of pandemic virus and protect health personnel, Tofaş, which evaluates the most needed protective equipment in its evaluations with subject matter experts, started to work quickly on this issue. Within the scope of the works at Tofaş R&D Center; biological sampling booth and intubation booth were produced. The biological sampling and intubation cabin produced in the factory in Bursa was delivered to Bursa City Hospital. In addition to these equipments, Tofaş will start providing mass production of “masked mask” as of this week and will support healthcare workers.

Cengiz Eroldu: "While continuing to manufacture equipment, we will open our designs, which are confirmed by physicians, to all interested companies."

Tofaş CEO Cengiz Erol, "as one of Turkey's leading industrial and R & D company, we strive to provide the necessary support for the struggle with the coronavirus. We took action to contribute to the protection of self-sacrificing healthcare professionals. Our engineers, many field and office workers have exemplified. In a short time, they further developed the cabin samples they bought from abroad; and they made the mask with mask ready for mass production. This week, we will produce more than 5 equipment and distribute it to our hospitals. We will continue to produce medical support equipment and support our healthcare staff in this challenging process. We are informed that there is a great need for the equipment we produce. In addition to using our own production capacity, we will also open the designs of equipment that we have started to produce and which are verified by physicians to interested companies. Firms operating in different sectors can also produce these designs.

We will publish 2-dimensional technical drawings and CAD data (IGES / PARASOLID) format to the equipment in PDF format. can be reached at. Thus, we want to support high numbers by enabling other companies to produce rapidly at the required medical standards. " He spoke in the form.

Bursa Health Provincial Director, who made an assessment on the subject, Specialist Dr. Halim Ömer Kaşıkçı emphasized the importance of the health samplers of the biological sampling cabin and intubation cabinets produced in Tofaş. Touching on the value of being united and united in the country during these critical days of the new type coronavirus epidemic, Kaşıkçı said, “All healthcare personnel continue to work with great devotion throughout the country. I thank them. I hope that our patients struggling with the virus will regain their health as soon as possible. I sincerely extend my gratitude to the employees at every level who contributed to the construction of these three important equipment, which is a proof of the value and production power of Tofaş for healthcare workers. I believe that Tofaş, one of the most important symbols of Bursa, will continue to support the fight against the epidemic in line with the plan determined in the next process. ”.

About the equipment produced at the Tofaş Factory

All of the equipment produced at the Tofaş Factory were developed to protect the healthcare personnel at the maximum level during the New Type Coronavirus tests. Mold production has been completed for masks with visors, which are very important for all hospitals and healthcare personnel and protect personnel from aerosols while working face to face, in a way that allows production in high quantities; Mass production will begin quickly this week. The “intubation cabin” is also used to protect nurses and doctors while taking samples from patients. The cabin was designed in such a way that the healthcare personnel can take samples from the front part, which is transparent and has isolated holes, after the patient or a person suspected of virus enters this cabin. In this way, the health worker can take samples safely; After each use, the ultraviolet light system in the cabin ensures that it is cleaned within minutes without allowing virus spread until the next patient. “Biological sampling cabinet” protects doctors from aerosols during intubation operation, while patients are on the operation bed. While Tofaş engineers were designing the cabin, they developed systems that would provide sterilization with high-energy ultraviolet light lamps. In addition, negative pressure was created in the cabin, protecting both healthcare personnel and the person under test. In all these developments, the opinions of physicians who are experts in the subject were taken and verifications were made on the sample products in Tofaş ARGE.

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