Tesla can stand on its own in red light

Tesla can stand on its own in red light
Tesla can stand on its own in red light

Tesla can stand on its own in red light

Electric Car manufacturer Tesla comes with an update in the autopilot system that will allow the vehicle to stop automatically at traffic lights. In the video leaked to Twitter, it is clear that a Tesla can stand on his own in the red light.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already said that the autopilot will have full automatic driving capacity in the future. Musk also stated that every Tesla driver with a "Full Self-Driving" system in his car can travel with a completely driverless control mode.

Tesla said,Autopilot”Thanks to its feature, it can move itself with the help of sensors and cameras, moreover, it can take security measures by itself. Tesla aims to offer more advanced autonomous auxiliary features to assist its drivers and is able to offer new features to its customers with updates to the vehicles.

The company's update in December revealed that the autopilot system was not working on traffic lights. In a new video now, it turned out that the company has started testing the new software update for its fully autonomous driving target.

Tesla can stand on its own in red light

In the images, it seems very clear that Tesla Model 3 detects red light and stops it by itself. Some updates to traffic lights are considered in the driving screen.

As Tesla approaches a junction, the screen gives an alert about the approaching junction, such as "stopping for traffic control at 200 feet," or distant lights are detected. The farthest example shown in the video is 500 feet. Below it comes the instruction, "Use the accelerator or gear lever to slow down," which occurs when the car starts to slow down. A gray line appears on the screen showing the lights at the intersection, and when it detects red light, this bar turns red. When the light turns green again, the red bar disappears and the car owner commands the car to continue.

tesla fsd ​​traffic sign recognition

Tesla will present this new feature to all Tesla owners who have the Full Self-Driving package. The $ 7 full autonomous driving package recognizes traffic lights, stop signs and provides automatic driving in the city.

Tesla still keeps car owners zamThe moment warns them to hold onto the steering wheel and be ready to take control of the vehicle immediately.

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