2020 Skoda Octavia RS Introduced as iV Online

New Skoda Octavia RS iV
New Skoda Octavia RS iV

One of the models expected to be introduced at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show was the 2020 Skoda Octavia RS IV model. But after the fair was canceled due to the corona virus epidemic, Skoda introduced the all-new Octavia RS iV model with an online world premiere. The IV ornament at the end of the new Octavia RS points to the plug-in hybrid power unit, and the 2020 model Octavia RS IV is the brand's first performance plug-in hybrid model. RS iV, the performance model of the fourth generation 2020 Octavia, will be produced as a plug-in hybrid for the first time in its history by combining the gasoline and electric motor.

Supporting the 1.4 TSI gasoline engine with an electric motor, the Skoda 2020 Octavia RS IV can produce 245 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. In addition, the new Octavia RS can accelerate to a maximum speed of 2020 km / h. Coming with only a 0-speed DSG gearbox, the 100 TSI and 7,3 TDI packages for the new Skoda Octavia RS IV will be added in the future. The 225 Skoda Octavia RS iV can travel up to 6 kilometers using only the electric motor.

2020 Skoda Octavia RS IV Photos and Video:

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