Domestic Automobile Will Be A Competitive Brand In The Global Market

Domestic Automobile Will Be A Competitive Brand In The Global Market
Domestic Automobile Will Be A Competitive Brand In The Global Market

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, figures on the growth of international organizations stated that Turkey's 2019 revised upward several times meat, "I think this will continue in 2020 revisions. This year, with investments for growth in Turkey will be healthy. " said.

The World Bank, the Turkish Industrialists and Business People's Association (TUSIAD), International Investors Association (YASED) and Turkey Exporters Assembly held in Istanbul in cooperation with "Trade and Global Value Chain Conference" began. Speaking at the opening of the event, Varank noted that the most prominent factor shaping the global economy in the last 30 years is the global value chains, and stated that the production networks formed by international trade and investments have made countries, companies and employees more connected.


International cooperation zamPointing out that it is needed more than it is now, Minister Varank said, "In this sense, the Global Development Report, in which the World Bank examines the value chains in detail and makes policy recommendations, makes a strong reference for us." said.


Varank, 2023 Industry and Technology stated strategy of value-added production, and they set that will enable policies to make breakthroughs in critical technology Turkey to remove a top league, said they wanted to put the world's one of the most advanced economies. Varank said, “Every step we take and take will carry our country to areas with high added value in global value chains.” he spoke.


Varank said in the relevant report of the World Bank that a number of policy proposals were brought to countries to integrate the value chains more sophisticated, and that the ministry has been working intensively for almost all of these proposals for 1,5 years. Varank for Turkey, will be an example to many countries in this respect the fact that the qualifications stated.


Expressing that they have reached the 2rd place in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index with 27 leaps in the last 33 years thanks to the structural reforms they have implemented, Varank said, “We are working to show a similar performance this year. We will make many arrangements that make the business environment more investor friendly, facilitate trade and encourage investments. ” he spoke.


Noting that they will make a pilot project with the World Bank in the automotive industry, Minister Varank said: “This project will play a leading role in our local supplier development policies. With the project, we will bring together multinational companies operating in our country in the sector with local suppliers, and focus on improving our capacities in areas such as efficiency, management skills, production process and quality. Our Ministry aims to develop similar scale applications in different sectors by obtaining a method knowledge with this program. ” said.


Turkey, the European Union stating that Varank largest supplier in the automotive field, advanced technology production with an appropriate structures to world standards, he said. Varank, "Turkey's Car of the project, we're bringing our superiority into new and exciting areas. We aim and go beyond producing a car here. He spoke in the form.


Varank, explaining technological change in the automobile industry, "Turkey's Otomobili'yl is building our brand to compete in the global market, we say in the future of the industry we also have them. This project is the same zamIt will also lead the automotive supplier industry to update itself against new technologies. " used the expressions.


Varank noted that they need everyone's ideas, knowledge, and unique perspective, and that they will continue to work in close cooperation with all stakeholders in the public and private sectors, and that they will be one of the strongest players in global competition with the products and technologies they develop.


Explaining that the economic confidence indicators continue to increase, Varank said that a revival in industrial production has been observed, and that the positive trend will be permanent and will focus on high value-added production and employment increases.


Ministers Varank, 2019 in international organizations including the World Bank, said that their growth forecasts for Turkey revises upward several times, "I think this will continue in 2020 and I believe that this revision. This year, with investments for growth in Turkey will be healthy. " said.

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