New Volvo S90 Surprises with Security Features

New Volvo S Surprises with Security Features

The 90 model of the new Volvo S2020 surprises with its security features. The new S90 has considered everything for the comfort and safety measures of passengers and drivers. The S90 even takes control for security when it deems it necessary.

The 2020 Volvo S90 fascinates people with its appearance, performance and safety. Here are the features of the 2020 Volvo S90.

Seat belts that predetermined the accident and stretched just before the accident:

As it is known, Volvo is the most important brand in safety and reliability. Volvo has attached great importance to safety and durability in the new S90 model. It also supported its security importance with technology. One of these new safety measures is seat belts. In other cars, seat belts are stretched in the event of an accident. However, thanks to its software, Volvo automatically detects the accident in advance and releases the seat belts. If the accident does not occur, it automatically loosens the seat belts.

A new safety measure Volvo has developed for the new S90 is the braking system that detects the oncoming driver and automatically slows down the car:

Designed by Volvo for the first time in the world, this new feature Volvo automatically detects and brakes cars that enter your lane. A great solution, especially against cars that suddenly change lanes.

City Safety System, which provides all the support to prevent you from having an accident:

Sometimes it is very difficult to perceive everything around in the city traffic or night trips. Seeing this gap, Volvo has developed Volvo City Safety to assist drivers. This system ensures the safety of the drivers by automatically detecting the situations that you cannot see or react instantly, by giving brake vibrations, audible or direct visual warnings.

System braking instead of driver after collision:

During the accident, the seat belts are stretched and the airbags burst. In many cases, after the airbags have exploded, drivers are forgetting to brake due to the shock of the event. For these situations, Volvo has developed its own technology and allows the car to brake immediately after the airbags explode.

Volvo S90 performance, engines and fuel consumption:

Four different engine options are available for those who want to buy the new Volvo S90. All packages are sold as four-wheel drive, except the entry package. According to factory data, fuel consumption is as follows:

D4 (190 hp) Diesel: D5 AWD (235 hp) Diesel 4X4: T6 AWD (310 hp) Gasoline 4X4: T8 AWD (390 hp) Gasoline 4X4:
Average (lt / 100km): 4,7 Average (lt / 100km): 5,5 Average (lt / 100km): 7,7 Average (lt / 100km): 2
Inner city (lt / 100km): 5,5 Inner city (lt / 100km): 6,4 Inner city (lt / 100km): 10,1 Inner city (lt / 100km): -
Out of town (lt / 100km): 4,2 Out of town (lt / 100km): 4,9 Out of town (lt / 100km): 6,4 Out of town (lt / 100km): -


The prices of the new Volvo S90 are as follows:

  • Diesel 235 hp S90 D5 AWD Momentum - $ 570.960
  • Gasoline 310 hp S90 T6 AWD Momentum Plus - $ 589.170
  • Diesel 235 hp S90 D5 AWD Momentum Plus - AED 597.838
  • Gasoline 310 hp S90 T6 AWD R-Design - $ 629.574
  • Diesel 235 hp S90 D5 AWD R-Design Plus - $ 638.242
  • Gasoline 310 hp S90 T6 AWD Inscription Plus - $ 640.294
  • Diesel 235 hp S90 D5 AWD Inscription Plus -
  • Hybrid S90 T8 Twin Engine eAWD Inscription - $ 747.178
  • Hybrid S90 T8 Twin Engine eAWD R-Design - 750.632 TL

New Volvo S90 Photos:

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