Record Salary for New Renault CEO

Record Salary for the New Renault CEO
Record Salary for the New Renault CEO

Astronomical Salary to the CEO, who left Seat and moved to Renault. Intense competition in the automotive sector was also reflected in the companies' search for CEO. One of the biggest examples of this competition was between two world-famous automotive companies. The famous Luca de Meo, who was at the head of Seat, left his job and agreed in exchange for an astronomical salary to lead Renault.

According to the information received, Luca de Meo will receive an annual salary of 1,3 million euros, annual variable wages of up to 150 percent of this salary, and 75 thousand Renault shares.

Based on this information, it is understood that Luca de Meo will receive about 58 percent more than the former CEO of the Renault Group, Thierry Bolloré. Luca de Meo is known for his career in brands such as Renault, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Fiat, Toyota Europe and Chrysler.

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