Turkey Rally Championship's Title Sponsor Shell Helix

turkey rally championship title sponsor of Shell Helix
turkey rally championship title sponsor of Shell Helix

Shell Helix, 2020 was the title sponsor of the Turkey Rally Championship. Turkey Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED), including the Turkey Rally organized by Shell Helix 2020 Turkey Rally Championship, the Rally will begin on February 29 with Sarikamish.

Turkey Rally Championship, Shell Helix, stating that they heard a great pleasure to contribute with the brand name Shell & Turcas Corporate Communications Director breeze Okyar Perdeci; "Shell Helix to carry our brand and our innovation power of Turkey's most important motor sports organization and we are proud to give our name to the championship." said. also Perdeci, "the Turkey Rally Championship, -10 ° C to + 30 ° C temperature of snow and ice, due to soil and asphalt roads to challenging conditions in the conditions suffered by race car with each other, power or without loss of performance will lubricate and protect the engine to use reliable products plays a vital role in the success of teams. These challenging stages provide an ideal environment to showcase Shell Helix's performance. I hope that pilots will participate in the 2020 Turkey Rally Championship with Shell Helix, we will help them get the most out of the car at every stage. " He spoke in the form.

The TOSFED President of the Üçlertoprag Shell Helix of being the title sponsor of the Turkey Rally Championship and automobile sports and stated that they are happy to be collaborating with a brand that contribute to the world, "Shell Helix's world motor sports to try the brand and team in the organization, engine performance We know its contribution in raising. Shell Helix, 2020 Turkey Rally Championship, we also believe that adding value to both the name and the performance. " said.

Shell Helix Turkey Rally Championship calendar 2020 is as follows:

29 - 01 March… Sarıkamış Rally / KARS
04 - 05 April… Aegean Rally / İZMİR
25 - 26 April… ESOK Rally / ESKİŞEHİR
16 - 17 May… Hitit Rally / ANKARA
13 - 14 June… Ford Otosan Kocaeli Rally / KOCAELİ
11 - 12 July… Green Bursa Rally / BURSA
24 to 27 September ... Turkey Rally - WRC / Mugla
24 - 25 October… Istanbul Rally / ISTANBUL

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