Transformation in the car increases competition in the sub-industry

Transformation in the car increases competition in the sub-industry
Transformation in the car increases competition in the sub-industry

CHEP supports spare parts manufacturers for digitalized cars

The hybrid and electric vehicle investments of the world's leading automotive companies cause radical changes in the supplier industry. Digitalization with increasing competition in the aftermarket manufacturers proposing to invest in electric and hybrid vehicle components CHEP Turkey, Romania & Russia Automotive Country Leader Engine Gökgöz, gasoline and diesel vehicles according to precise that they support their new expertise in the transportation of parts and work with advanced equipment partners said

Turkey Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Association (TEHAD) three times in the last year of electric and hybrid vehicles number, according to data increased Turkey, while continuing the other hand, global companies assume an important role in the production of the preparations to produce its own electric car. The developments in the automotive main industry bring with it the transformation in the sub-industry. Considering that these vehicles will increase rapidly worldwide, automotive supplier industrialists invest to produce hybrid and electric vehicle parts. CHEP, which develops special industrial solutions for the main and sub-industry parts manufacturers in the automotive sector, conveys its experience in innovation and shipment by supporting its business partners during R&D studies of electrical and hybrid vehicle parts thanks to its knowledge and expertise.

“We support automotive suppliers to take their place in a competitive environment”

Electric and hybrid cars is inevitable, said the competition will take place in the production of spare parts CHEP Turkey, Romania, Russia & Country Leader Automotive Engine Gökgöz, "The hybrid and electric vehicle market, which has been experiencing significant developments in recent years, is growing rapidly. While the automotive industry has turned its direction to this area, the supplier industry is not indifferent to this transformation. However, the spare parts of electric and hybrid cars are much more sensitive than parts of gasoline and diesel vehicles. Therefore, sub-industrialists who plan to invest in this field in order to stand out in competition must create a strategy map and make the right investments. We, as CHEP, support sub-industry manufacturers, share our expertise and knowledge with our advanced equipment solutions for sensitive parts shipment as well as with them." said.

Solutions that eliminate risks in the supply chain

Serving with foldable plastic containers (FLC) and special internal profile solutions developed for the best protection of new and sensitive parts, CHEP carries all parts safely. “EuroBin” and “IsoBin 33”, which are among the most used and international shipping containers in the automotive supply chain, eliminate the risks and difficulties in the supply chain. Lightweight and robust solutions that offer load balance fold and save on storage space. Containers with different heights for regional requirements are suitable for automatic production lines with their standard specifications. Reusable plastic containers, like electric cars, minimize environmental impact and increase efficiency.

“We convey our experience in innovation and transport optimization”

Pointing out that CHEP meets the basic needs of automotive and other industry supply chains, Gökgöz said, “We transform our knowledge and digital transformation processes into a positive value for our business partners. During the R&D studies of new vehicle productions, our packaging engineers work together with our business partners OEM engineers to support the safe transportation of new parts. Our experts, trained in the industry's best practices, convey our experience in innovation and transport optimization. However, as package density and space usage affect costs, we examine how much part should be transported and ensure less waste."He said.

About CHEP:CHEP, established in Australia as part of the international supply chain giant Brambles Group; offers supply chain solutions that optimize business processes from start to finish for the fast moving consumer goods, food, beverage, retail, automotive and white goods industries. CHEP's sustainable business model is based on sharing and reuse. Equipment rented from CHEP is collected after use and regularly serviced and repaired. Thus, supply chain efficiency is increased by reducing the costs in equipment management. Worldwide more than 59 million pallets roaming network in 330 countries and more than 11 thousand employees in CHEP has been operating in Turkey since 2009. CHEP uses its experience in the global market of partners in Turkey to meet the needs of supply chain management; better business models, better planets, better societies It works to create a sustainable value with its understanding. 

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