Tofaş will invest 200 million Euros!

Tofaş to invest 200 million Euros

In 2019, Tofaş had a hard investment of 107 million Euros, 264 thousand vehicles and 194 thousand vehicles. Being the leader in the automobile and light commercial vehicle market, Tofaş aims to make 2020 times the investment in 2.

Tofaş's revenues in 2019 increased by 1,6 percent compared to the previous year and reached 18,8 billion TL. In the same period, Tofaş increased its net profit by 11,5 percent compared to last year and reached TL 1,5 billion. Tofaş also achieved export revenue of $ 2019 billion in 2,3.

Tofas factory in Bursa that produces 264 thousand units of vehicle production 18 per cent of the automotive industry, Turkey with 194 thousand 145 units of vehicles produced has realized 15 percent of automotive exports alone.

Tofaş CEO Cengiz Erol "Fiat with 15,9 percent market share in the past year, Turkey was the leader of the total market for cars and light commercial vehicles. Our Alfa Romeo and Jeep brands succeeded in increasing their market shares by maintaining their sales volume in the shrinking market. ”

Erol, 2019, Turkey's most preferred car was pointed out that the title reached an important stage of the Fiat brand with Egea carrying 4 years. Eroldu “Egea, which we launched in 2015 with an investment of 1 billion dollars, continued to break the memorization last year. We have achieved an important result by increasing our share in the automobile market from 3 percent to 8.6 percent with Egea, where we offered 14.8 new special series with sports equipment in Hatchback and Station Wagon versions. Said

Cengiz Eroldu also touched on the expectations for 2020. Turkey said they expect 560-600 thousand units, while the closing level of the total market; “In 2020, we will continue our investments more than double compared to last year. We will maintain our stable performance by carrying our success in a challenging year like 2 to 2019 ”.

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