Tesla Stock Prices Break Record

Tesla Stock Prices
Tesla Stock Prices

Shares of the electric car manufacturer Tesla broke new ground. Tesla's share prices rose 2020 percent in January 75 alone, exceeding $ 720.

Tesla, known as the leaders of electric car production, turned all eyes on it with its electric cars such as Model 3 and Model X, as well as the Cybertruck model it introduced in recent months. Company's share prices after Tesla introduced the Cybertruck model had broken a record.

The share price, which has increased by more than 10% even today alone, is Tesla's zam$ 720, higher than its highest share price ever broke a new record with.

Tesla's share prices, which are constantly increasing, continued to increase in 2020. Although it had just begun this year, it was noteworthy that Tesla's shares have increased by 75 percent. Tesla, which had a share price of $ 600 at the end of last year, rose to over $ 2020 by 700.

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