The New Center of Motor Sports Gemlik

new center of motorsport
new center of motorsport

Gemlik is preparing to host this year to Turkey and Turkey Climbing Championship Motocross. Shahinian will take place on June 6 and 7 were towards Turkey Climbing Championship radar and 11 - will take place on July 12. Preparing for the Motocross championship, Gemlik will host many guests from home and abroad.

The contribution of Gemlik Municipality to sports continues. prestigious races prepared to host Gemlik Municipality in Turkey, last year made Turkey after 13 years on the Climbing Championship was hosted and this race four different categories from 33 car racing was, and thousands of spectators had followed. The motocross track is located at Gemlik Şahinyurdu 5 years later, Turkey is preparing to host the Climbing Championship.

Investment in gym and field sports

Expressing that he is a candidate to be the center of indoor and field sports in Gemlik, Mayor of Gemlik Mehmet Uğur Sertaslan said, “We care about our young people getting rid of various bad habits by doing sports. Our Gemlik Belediyesporu especially in the area of ​​field sports hall and gratifying progress in returning to this period in Gemlik Gemlik success of the organization across Turkey are preparing to make numerous investments, "he said.

Sertaslan, “Gemlik will be a sports city”

national sporting events held in Gemlik attention to his contribution to the promotion of Gemlik Gemlik Mayor Mehmet Ugur Sertasl that, Gemlik if it is called with such organizations while stating he was happy, "last year in the race we realized we have achieved a very good rating across Turkey. This year, we are preparing to host the motocross and climbing races again in June and July. The pearl and the capital of Gemlik olives, as well as the title of Marmara in Turkey is now referred to as the center of motor sport, "he said.

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