Hyundai i20 comes with a brand new design

hyundai i comes with a brand new design
hyundai i comes with a brand new design

Hyundai has finally shared the first drawings of the popular model i20 in the B segment. The i20, which is one of the most sold models in our country, is produced in the brand's factory in Izmit and exported to more than 45 countries.

Prepared with the "Sensuous Sportiness", that is, "Emotional Sportiness" design philosophy, the New i20 stands out as the best reflection of style and style architecture. According to the drawings shared before the world launch, the new i20 will be more sporty and more modern than the model it will replace. The new i20, which is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to the B segment with its elegant and dynamic lines, begins to demolish the usual molds with its horizontally positioned step grille on the front and the stylish headlight structure that extends downwards. Apart from the characteristic grille, the bulging and hard protrusions on the sides of the body, which exhibit a wider and lower stance, stand out from the design.

In this way, while a more sportive image is obtained, the aesthetic lines extending towards the back start to make a visual feast, especially on the tailgate. The new i20 reflects its difference and new characteristics with its chrome-plated C-pillar reminiscent of a boomerang, Z-shaped longitudinal LED backlight assembly and fuel tank cap integrated to the left side of the stop lamps.

Hyundai, which has not shared any images from the interior yet, states that it will be ambitious with its horizontal cockpit design covering the dashboard. The new i20 focuses on digital equipment to further emphasize the elegance and aesthetics of the interior, while aiming to be a real icon with its new design language both inside and outside. Hyundai has two 20-inch displays in the cockpit of the new i10,25.

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