Fiat Doblo 20th Year Special Series Is On Sale

Fiat Doblo Year Special Series is On Sale

The Fiat Doblo 20th Year Special Series will only be available for 2020. As of the last week of February, the 20th Year Special Doblo, which will be pre-sold to the first 20 people who apply online, will be offered for sale at Fiat authorized dealers at prices starting from 128 thousand 900 liras.

Fiat Doblo, which started to be produced in the Tofaş Bursa factory in 2000, celebrates its 20th anniversary by publishing a special series. 20th Anniversary Special Doblo will be offered for pre-sale by paying a preliminary provision of 2 thousand TL on the Fiat website as of the last week of February.

You can choose the color and engine options of the vehicle through Fiat's website, and you can also choose the serial number you want among the 2020th year special Doblo that will be produced only 20.

In the 20th Anniversary Special Series, the 20th anniversary logo with the Doblo silhouette is located on the left and right front doors of the vehicle. Other remarkable exterior agricultural features of the vehicle are bronze front rear bumper pads, roof rails and alloy wheels. The interior design is leather-detailed, heated and "20th Year" seats on the headboards draw attention to the front seats. In addition, special 20th year special series Doblolar are offered for sale with black leather door trims, open bronze door opening handles and open bronze torpedo. It will make its driver feel special with the "Special Serial Sequence No" label that indicates the serial number of the vehicle to be produced only in 2020. Fiat Yol Friend Connect is gifted to 2020-year-old Seri Doblo buyers limited to 20.

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