Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)

Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)

Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)

Fiat 124 is the automobile that started production in 1966. Murat 124 is known in Turkey.

The Fiat 124 was produced in Italy in 1966 and was produced until 1974 and is the most modified car. Its engine has 4 cylinders and this 1197 cc engine produces 65 hp and can accelerate the vehicle to 160 km / h. This car's name Murat 124 in Turkey, Seat 124 in Spain is VAZ 2101 in Russia. In fact, Turkey has not produced the Fiat 124 Fiat 124 chassis using Murata's BerlinAmi 124. Even the first cars of TOFAŞ and AvtoVAZ were adapted from these cars. In addition, Fiat 124 won the first prize in 1967 in the European Car of the Year competition, and thanks to this award, it was produced in many countries with different names.

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