Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)

Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)
Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)

Fiat 124 is the car that started production in 1966. Murat 124 is known in Turkey. Fiat 124 is the car that started its production in Italy in 1966 and was produced until 1974 and is the most modified car. Its engine has 4 cylinders and this 1197 cc engine produces 65 hp and can accelerate the vehicle to 160 km / h. This car's name Murat 124 in Turkey, Seat 124 in Spain is VAZ 2101 in Russia. In fact, Turkey has not produced the Fiat 124 Fiat 124 chassis using Murata's BerlinAmi 124. Even the first cars of TOFAŞ and AvtoVAZ were adapted from these cars. In addition, Fiat 124 received the first prize in 1967 in the Car of the Year competition in Europe, and thanks to this award, it was produced in many countries with different names.

Murat is an adaptation of the Fiat brand name in Turkey. With this name change, Koç Holding and Fiat were made to emphasize the presentation of a domestic automobile to the Turkish consumer. Fiat has the same name change in Spain. zamIt has also been implemented with its current partner Seat, and Fiat vehicles sold in Spain were sold under the name Seat.

What is Fiat Murat 124?

Murat 124 or common name among the people Haci Murat, Tofas Bursa in 1971, the Fiat 124 is the first car produced by fitting the chassis factory in licensing foreigners in Turkey.

Murat 124 1971 thousand 1976 were produced between 134-867. The production was stopped in 1976 with the start of the production of the bird series. Its reproduction was started in 1984 under the name Tofaş Serçe, and it was completely stopped in 1995.

With the SCT (Special Consumption Tax) discount in 2002, Murat 124s on the roads started to decrease. In other words, after 2002, it was collected by the state and started to be scrapped. It is still possible to see him on the roads, no matter how much it was collected. Thanks to commercials and movies, the interest in this Murat 124 has started to increase. This triggered antique car lovers and started to traffic by modifying the cars called “Hacı Murat” or “Hacı Muro” in the society. First produced and serial number 0001 Murat 124, in Bursa TOFAŞ Anatolian Cars can be seen in the museum.

Features of Hacı Murat 124

Its 1197 cc engine produces 65hp of power and can accelerate the vehicle to 170km / h.

  • Transmission: 4-speed manual gearbox
  • Wheelbase: 2420 mm
  • Length: 4042 mm
  • Width: 1625 mm
  • Height: 1350 mm
  • Curb weight: 950 kg

Awards received by Murat 124

Fiat 124 received the first prize in 1967 in the Car of the Year competition in Europe.

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