Ferrari Defrauded Their Owners

Ferrari Defrauded Their Owners
Ferrari Defrauded Their Owners

Ferrari defrauded their owners in a simple way and took their vehicles in front of their doors. Luxury car thieves emerging in South Africa stole the Ferraris in a simple way. Ferrari thieves say that they cannot call the Ferrari directly because of security systems, cameras and alarms. The owner of the vehicle, who thinks the caller is a Ferrari employee, gives them the address of the vehicle.

After a while, the fake team wearing Ferrari uniforms has some fake documents signed by the car owner. Ferrari, which is worth a fortune, loads and goes to the truck.

Ferrari Thieves

The owner of the car wants to call the Ferrari dealer and get information about the vehicle after a while, but understands that the dealer does not have any information about the vehicle. The vehicle has already been sent beyond the country's border or its valuable parts are bought and sold.

Near zamThe Ferrari South Africa Official Facebook page, which currently posted a warning on the matter, warns Ferrari owners as follows:

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