Egea Selected Best in Germany

Egea was chosen the best in Germany
Egea was chosen the best in Germany

Fiat Egea is exported to Europe under the name “Tipo”. In Germany, which is considered as the heart of the automotive world, Fiat Egea was chosen as the most durable and smooth vehicle of its class. By revealing the strengths and weaknesses of the cars, the research that will be useful for those who want to buy cars has been published in the special edition of AutoZeitung magazine. According to the research, Fiat Egea has been identified as the “best in the class of compact cars” with an error rate of 100 out of 0,84 vehicles in the category of problems requiring repair.

The successful Fiat Egea, which Fiat put into mass production in 1 by investing approximately $ 2015 billion and exported to many different parts of the world, especially Europe, is the same zamAt the moment, it was selected as the "Gold Level" vehicle, which was checked for issues such as engine, chassis, oil leakage and exhaust, and scored above the average in all categories.

Egea was chosen the best in Germany

Tofaş CEO Cengiz Eroldu said, “With its product features and price / benefit balance, Egea, which was selected as the 'Best Car in Europe' by AutoBest in 2016, attracted attention in all markets where it was sold. Fiat models with four years of Turkey's most preferred Egea scored again achieved significant success in Europe. We are very pleased that Egea, which reflects the production and R&D power of Tofaş, has been selected as the “most durable car in its segment” by leaving behind its competitors with a significant difference in the comprehensive tests carried out in every vehicle that has completed three years in Germany. We believe that Egea will continue its success in global markets, especially in our country and Europe. ”

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