Minute Car Rental Service Has Been Launched In İzmir

Minute car rental service was launched in Izmir.
Minute car rental service was launched in Izmir.

As a result of the cooperation between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZELMAN General Directorate and Garenta company, the minute car rental service was launched in İzmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took one of the first steps of the sharing economy. "Moov by Garenta Car Sharing Model", which operates with an application downloaded to smart phones and offers the opportunity to rent a car for minutes, was put into service in İzmir with 200 vehicles. The system, which was implemented with the solution partnership of the Practitioner Garenta company and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZELMAN General Directorate, was introduced to the press at the Historical Air Gas Factory Cultural Center with the participation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and Garenta and ikinciyeni.com General Manager Emre Ayyıldız.

Don't own, share!

Saying that they are working to realize the sharing economy in İzmir, Tunç Soyer said, “We have been seeing the rise of a new trend all over the world for the last five years. The economic model based on 'ownership', which has been going on for thousands of years, is replaced by the 'sharing economy' model based on the concepts of 'use together', 'sharing', 'co-ownership'. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality invites all actors to be a part of this new economy through the platform called "Izmir Smart Sharing". "

Emphasizing that the vehicle sharing system they have implemented in cooperation with Garenta is in line with the İzmir Smart Sharing understanding and that they apply this understanding in the bicycle sharing system BİSİM, Tunç Soyer concluded his words as follows: With the sharing of cars and bicycles in the “smart sharing” system; Traffic congestion, air pollution and parking demand will decrease in İzmir. Parking areas that should be used as open and green areas will turn into social reinforcement areas. Thus, transportation will be facilitated for those who do not own a vehicle. ”

Download, use, drop

Stating that similar systems are widely used in many metropolises of the world, Emre Ayyıldız made the following statement: “This is a sharing economy practice. With the application downloaded to smart phones, minute rentals are made. In short, we can summarize it as 'pick up the vehicle from wherever you want, use it as much as you need, drop it where you want'. You will rent zamYou open the application at the moment, you rent the vehicles closest to you through the application for periods of 15 minutes with prices starting from 9,5 TL. Each 15-minute rental includes 5 kilometers of fuel and insurance. You open the doors of the vehicle through the application, take the key from the torpedo and start using it. Everything is digital, everything is just a few clicks away. Today, choosing 1 shared vehicle means that 10 vehicles leave the traffic.

This benefits both traffic and cost. In many European countries, local governments support shared vehicles. It offers private parking spaces, encourages its citizens to use shared vehicles and makes special agreements with industry representatives. As MOOV by Garenta, we are in Izmir as the first stop after Istanbul. We hope that this vision shown by İzmir will set an example for our other cities. ”

How will the system work?

The user becomes a member of the “MOOV by Garenta” application that will be downloaded on his smartphone. When needed, he sees the closest vehicle on the system and rents the vehicle he likes. When it happens to the vehicle, the car that detects the phone is unlocked. After using the key from the glove box, the user can park the vehicle in a safe place in the service area and terminate the lease after using it as much as he needs.

İZELMAN parking lots are free

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZELMAN General Directorate allows vehicles included in the system to benefit from the parking lots for free.

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