Alfa Romeo 110 Years Old

Alfa Romeo 110 Years Old

Alfa Romeo, which is under the roof of the Italian FIAT Group, celebrates its 110th anniversary this year. The brand, which has been producing legendary cars since 1910 and introducing Italian red to the world, has become famous for being produced only in Italy.

Alfa Romeo has succeeded in becoming a brand that left significant marks in the automotive world with its legendary cars developed in both passenger and racing classes for 110 years.

Alfa Romeo is also considering organizing many events to celebrate its 110th anniversary. The first of these will start with the "Red Arrow" shows on the Brescia-Roma-Brescia circuit between 13-16 May. On June 24, “La Macchina del tempo - Museo Storico Alfa Romeo” (Zammoment Machine - Alfa Romeo Historical Museum) will host an event.

The guests of this event, which will take place in the museum, will of course be the clubs and fans of the Alfa Romeo enthusiasts, the Alfists. The 110-year anniversary of Alfa Romeo will be celebrated by blowing 110 candles at the event, which has an important place in the 110-year history of the Alfa Romeo brand.

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