Volvo Seeks New General Manager!

Volvo Seeks New General Manager
Volvo Seeks New General Manager

Volvo's first Turkey Turkey General Manager Sabri said that Sweden Assigned. Who will be the new General Manager of the Volvo Turkey.

Sabri Sözen, who has been working under the roof of Volvo for many years and has accomplished successful projects as the general manager of the brand since 2017, has become the Vice President of EMEA Region After Sales Services. Sabri Sözen, who has been working for Volvo for 23 years and is the first Turkish general manager of the brand, will continue his career at the Volvo headquarters in Sweden.

If that were wondering who would sit on the bench ... Volvo Volvo Turkey's directorate general managers after the Turkish General Directorate Is a new way, or is not yet clear as in the past will continue looking for a foreign general manager.

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