Autonomous Transport Begins in Seat Factory

Autonomous Transport Begins in Seat Factory

We know that there are normally autonomous vehicles used for transportation in the closed parts of many factories. But Seat succeeded in transporting with autonomous vehicles to the exterior areas of the factory.

8 unmanned transport vehicles started to work in the outer area of ​​the factory. Already more than 200 unmanned transport vehicles were operating in the interiors of the factory, but these vehicles work by following the magnetic tapes on the ground. The new unmanned vehicles, on the other hand, operate completely independently.

Autonomous vehicles have a maximum carrying capacity of 10 tons and can travel on a 3,5 kilometer long route. Thanks to the 4G connection, new autonomous vehicles can create their own routes without the need for routers such as magnetic tape.

This is the transport jobs inside the seat factory zamUntil now, the new autonomous vehicle fleet that will operate outdoors allows 1,5 tons of CO2 to be reduced each year, as it has been realized using trucks or tractors. The use of autonomous vehicles is the same while reducing costs zamIt now reduces the vehicle traffic inside the factory and the risk of accidents.

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