Local Car Logo Has Been Announced

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that the logo of the domestic car is “tulip” in the “Special with the President” program in the joint broadcast of CNN Türk.

Turkey's Erdogan asked to evaluate how the car, "the first friends they bring this design zamThis design really excited me at the moment. By saying 5 babayiğit, we have already thrown with this determination. These 5 babayiğit are also considerably important businessmen in our country. Therefore, this is the case. This will not happen if you get up and wash it over someone. Previously, I also talked to our businessmen who are in some sectors, but I could not get any results. But this time, these 5 daddies got into this job. In the step taken, our friend, who is in the position of CEO, has really proven himself abroad. He also knows the subject. With these, we have taken this step. " he spoke.

Turkey's Erdogan explained that the car has 5 different design, is currently third design emerged, said that much of the car's sleek dark blue color.

Erdogan stated that there is inner comfort and comfort in the car, "For example, I can sit comfortably despite my height." he spoke.

Asked whether the car can speed or not, Erdogan said, “It can take distance at the speed point. It's in a very good location. Hopefully by the end of this year, they will have taken a further step to the test, but 2022 will be the exact job. By the way, I hope we will finish the factory in Gemlik. Now we have determined the location of the factory or something. We are already delivering it. On an area of ​​one million square meters. We offer a place by the sea in Gemlik. Because after the export potential of this place is not high, you cannot make it permanent. It will be based on export. Shouldn't that be inside. Of course it will, but if the export infrastructure is good zamThe moment will both save and your car will gain a place in the world markets. " He spoke in the form.

The price of Turkey's Cars

President Erdogan of Turkey on the question of what happens to the price of the car, "I believe that our people will be in the car can take mobile point of boredom without putting too easily, I hope, I think. Once it does not exist, the philosophy of winning from the version does not work. It is much more important in the early stages. But this is very, very important once. We are now building an electric car. It is completely environmentally friendly. It has this feature. Another dimension is serious comfort, especially in the area with both front and rear seats. This is also very important. No sound, nothing. ” used expressions.

President Erdogan, Turkey's reminded of how important basic science to move forward in such technical matters, he continued:

“The science research center and its opening were held where we made that presentation. In our basic science point of our universities in Turkey actually we had. Keep it from the Middle East today, from Technical University to Yıldız University in all of this. There are such departments in our other universities. But now this is the first time we've made a difference when it's electric. This is neither diesel nor gasoline. There is an attraction here. You are looking at the front console navigation. Along with the navigation, 'Where am I going or am I going?' You do not say. Map systems will enter there as it is all. You don't need to say where it was after the software was issued. It's all there. The West has done this. We will handle this. Currently, the infrastructure is already done. ”

Erdogan expressed that the logo of the car is "tulip".

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