Local Cars Listens to You Understands and Learns You

local car understands you, listens to you and learns you
local car understands you, listens to you and learns you

With the smart driving and 'internet of things' feature of the domestic car, it is transformed into a new generation smart mobility device that listens to you, learns you, integrates with you, thus making your life easier.

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) was announced via an animation published in two different chassis options, the car's intelligent driving feature that is introduced to the citizens with tOGGer's official twitter account at the end of 2019 had caused great excitement domestic automakers introduced SUV and including sedans.

The animation shows the fulfillment of verbal commands given to the intelligent driving system of a person leaving the house and going to work. In animation, the car, the Internet of objects has underlined the technology.

The animation also emphasized that the car can understand the mood of the person using the vehicle thanks to sensors and cameras. Even with these sensors, the ambient lighting in the vehicle may also vary according to the driver's mode.

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