Locations of Charging Stations for Domestic Electric Cars are Determined

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25 Featured Companies in Domestic Cars

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez said that the energy needs of conventional internal combustion engines have been met from oil, but electric cars have become widespread. Dönmez, Turkey has hinted it would start to be in the way of domestic electric car 2022-2023't.

Dönmez stated that plans were made for both electric vehicle use and electric charging stations and continued as follows:

"In planning carried out in Turkey in 2030, we anticipate a more than 1 million electric cars. Accordingly, we planned the preparations in the network. Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) management plans and transfer us to work together with our friends. We do not expect a major impact on the network here at stations called slow charging, but the location of fast charging stations is the main subject. With these stations, it will be possible to charge fast in 15-20 minutes depending on the speed and capacity of your car. Here, you need to load the network 50-100 kilowatt hourly. These capacities are not a problem for supply security on the production side. The problem may be in the infrastructure of the network at the point where the charging station is intended to be installed, which requires planning. Hopefully, our goal is to make a planning with a planning after evaluating the effects of 1 million units of charge on the distribution network, slow, medium and fast until this date. Since TOGG is demanding not only from the big cities but also from Anatolia and the countryside, it is beneficial for the charging stations to be the most remote places. In this sense, prevalence will also facilitate the use of these tools. It can be charged at home, but it won't be very attractive as it will be for a long time.

Stating that fuel stations are also ready to build an electric charging station, Dönmez said, “We allowed the stations for these. In fact, we will make it obligatory for some fuel stations to have a charging station. If the freelance entrepreneur did not come and say 'I will set up a charging station', we will tell the fuel stations to see it as a public service, but this service will be a natural equivalent. It can also be considered as a profit center. Apart from that, vehicles can be charged in shopping centers and recreation facilities. ” he spoke.

Dönmez, pointing out also that there should be a standard for the charging station, told the charging station to the license plate of the definition could be and Turkey from any part of this service is received bills on a regular basis the system will be sent to an account linked to the plate can be implemented.

Electric Vehicles Charge Map

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