New NISSAN JUKE Receives 5 Stars from Euro NCAP for Intelligent Technologies

new nissan juke received euro ncapten star with smart technologies
new nissan juke received euro ncapten star with smart technologies

The new NISSAN JUKE was selected by the independent testing organization Euro NCAP as the safest small SUV car with NISSAN's Intelligent Mobility features, such as ilk Blind Spot Intervention olan, a first in the small SUV sector, as well as innovative, active safety technologies such as cycling and pedestrian detection.

JUKE was rewarded for its outstanding performance in child and adult protection tests, as well as its strong structure, collision avoidance technology.

Excellence in adult and child passenger protection

JUKE is also very important in terms of passenger safety with its high-strength steel body and robust and resistance-enhancing structure. This feature of the JUKE absorbs and dissipates the force before it reaches the passenger during any impact. The new JUKE rated Euro NCAP 94% for adult protection and 85% for child protection.

Regarding vulnerable road userszam protection

With a score of 81% in cycling and pedestrian protection tests, the new JUKE has Intelligent Emergency Braking System with Bicycle and Pedestrian Recognition, Intelligent Speed ​​Assist System, Traffic Sign Recognition System, Intelligent Lane Response System, Rear Traffic Pass Alarm and Blind Spot Response System offers a full range of unique road safety technology options in the segment. The Blind Spot Intervention System also offers extra safety by changing position within the lane when another vehicle is located in the blind spot of your vehicle.

Security assistance

Euro NCAP always uses the first choice for the prevention of accidents. That's why it points to technology that helps drivers avoid collisions. In 2019 ratings, it goes beyond legal security requirements and awards models that reflect the latest and most advanced security innovations on the market.

The new JUKE scored 73% in this area too, thanks to NISSAN Intelligent Mobility technologies. According to the selected models, NISSAN ProPILOT feature, which includes advanced driving assistance, is also offered in a comprehensive package that includes smart technologies. This feature keeps the JUKE in lane while driving, maintaining its safe distance from other vehicles and keeping it on track. This feature is seen as an important start for autonomous driving to help relieve driver stress on long journeys and heavy traffic on the roads.

In addition, with the Blind Spot Intervention, a first-class feature in the small SUV segment, JUKE detects it when it is not seen by the other driver on the side lane and pulls out of danger by pulling into its own lane. Rear Cross Traffic Alert also prevents collisions when reversing back in the parking lot.

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