First Hybrid Commercial Vehicles produced in Turkey Road Quits!

turkiyede produced first hybrid commercial vehicle road tactics
turkiyede produced first hybrid commercial vehicle road tactics

Ford Otosan, the leading company of the Turkish automotive industry, won the 2020 International Vehicle of the Year (IVOTY) award, the Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress and Municipalities held at ATO Congresium in Ankara on January 15-16, Introduced at the exhibition.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor exhibited at the event held with the participation of Slow, the first of segments produced in Turkey, international awards as models for the testing of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will be given and Smart City Models by Ford Otosan engineers of data to be obtained therefrom, Clean Transportation Methods and information that will be used for product development was also shared.

2020 International Year of Commercial Vehicle (IVOTY) award-winning, Turkey rechargeable first and only domestic, hybrid electric commercial vehicle Transit Custom PHEV Ankara ATO exhibit in the Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress and Exhibition held in Congresium Ford Otosan, the scope of activity announced that 2 vehicles will be given to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for testing purposes. Thus, vehicles will be tested by Ford Otosan on Ankara roads after Ford's work in Valencia, Cologne and London.

Republic of Turkey in the presidential patronage, Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Smart Cities and Municipalities, organized by Slow participation in the segment was introduced in Congress and Exhibition of the first new Ford Transit and Tourneo Custom PHEV, Europe's largest commercial vehicle production base in Ford Otosan produced at Kocaeli Plant . World Economic Forum (WEF) has accepted only 16 factories in the world "Global Lighthouse Network" network shortly before series production of the model in Kocaeli Plant first automotive facilities from Turkey, rechargeable produced in Turkey hybrid electric first commercial also has the title of vehicle.

Within the scope of the Ulaşım Clean Transport ”projects developed within the framework of“ Smart City ”applications, Ford Otosan will provide two test vehicles to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for testing purposes, and the users' electric vehicle experiences will be observed and the data to be taken from the vehicles will be used in Ford Otosan product development processes. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will provide transportation services with electric vehicles.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş stated the following about hybrid electric vehicles to be used for testing purposes:

“Today, there is competition between cities all over the world. Ankara has a very important potential to stand out in this competition. While we use the history, culture, tourism and production of our city as an important resource, we are making significant progress in urban planning policies with an approach that is in line with today's requirements and we implement environmentally friendly smart urban practices. In this sense, Turkey's first and only native rechargeable hybrid electric commercial vehicle Ford Custom We are happy to be selected PHEV test for Ankara's driving. The experience we will gain while providing the added value created by these vehicles produced by Ford Otosan to the service of the residents of our city will also contribute to the development of electric vehicle technologies that are of great importance for sustainability. ”

Yenigün: "Ford Otosan in Turkey's first and only native rechargeable hybrid electric commercial vehicle we are happy to produce"

Ford Otosan in Turkey, emphasizing that it is the pioneer of commercial vehicles, electric hybrid technology, Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar New day, meanwhile, said in his speech:

“The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation all over the world today; Electric vehicles are also one of the important steps in this transformation process. as Ford Otosan, Turkey rechargeable first and only domestic, we heard from producing the hybrid electric commercial vehicle bliss, 2020 the International Year of Commercial Vehicle (IVOTY) the owner of the award, the capital of our segments in a first Custom Plug-In Hybrid model, our country will be used for testing purposes doubling. Ford's "Smart Cities" with the vision to perform a first in urban transport in Turkey and more environmentally friendly, efficient and quiet birtaşımacılık for our critical role from being contribute to our country and our environment with our investment will take pride duyuyoruz.teknolojik competence and R & D in line with our work today at the point in Turkey's export champion Ford Otosan, as the hybrid will offer elektriklimodel our world and we are in position to have a say in this area. As a pioneer of this technology in Turkey, designing the future of the automotive industry, we continue to write a success story worldwide, "he said.

Wins 25 International Commercial Vehicle of the Year (IVOTY) award by jury votes from 2020 countries

The New Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid model, which was the winner of the 25 International Commercial Vehicle of the Year (IVOTY) award with the unanimous decision of the jury formed by 25 expert automotive journalists from 2020 countries in Europe, helps to reduce fuel costs, and provides access to low emission zones, It attracts attention with its electric power transmission mechanism designed to eliminate range anxiety, simple charging and reduce emissions.

56 km zero emissions, offering a total range of over 500 km

A first in its segment, the model offers zero-emission driving of up to 56 km and uses the 1.0-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine as a range extender and increases its total range to over 500 km. The Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid drives the front wheels of a 13,6 kW electromotor powered by a 92,9 kWh lithium-ion battery. The rechargeable 13,6 kWh battery with advanced rechargeable hybrid architecture, which allows zero emission driving, helps to reduce emissions.

The system draws attention with its 2.7 lt / 100 km fuel consumption and 60 g / km CO2 emission emission value. Thanks to the optimal design of the electric hybrid package, the vehicle maintains a loading volume of 6.0 m3 and offers a load capacity of 1.130 kilograms.

The new Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid 240 Volt 10 amps can be recharged from the electricity grid in 4,3 hours, using the type 2 AC car charger in 2,7 hours. In addition, the kinetic energy generated during vehicle deceleration or braking is converted into electrical energy and used as an additional energy source.