Klassis, Supporter of Turkish Sports and Young Athletes

supporter of turkish sports and young athletes klassis
supporter of turkish sports and young athletes klassis

2017 and 2018 in the Rally of Turkey Young Drivers Championship in a row the champion twice Rally Pilot And Sunman, Klassis the despons is that Castrol Ford Team in the race 12 to 13 October 2019 Date under the roof before the race that took place in Kocaeli also returned to winning.

We had a pleasant interview with And Sunman, who completed the 37th Ford Otosan Kocaeli Rally in the first place in his category and gained great advantage on the way to the championship. The pilot continued his stable line and underlined the necessity of supporting motor sports and stressed the importance of sponsorship agreements. You can find an interview with Sunman about his curiosity about motor sports and how he started his career. He talks about his future goals and gives advice to young athletes.

What is your passion for motor sports zamstarted the moment? What zamHave you decided to become a rally pilot?
What is my passion for motor sports zamI can't remember exactly what happened. Even when I was young, I watched various motor sports and was very impressed by the speed of the cars and the different pilots of the drivers. As I got older, my interest started to take shape a little more and I could decide which branches I especially liked in such a diverse sport. Among them was the Rally, but although I was impressed I could not imagine being a part of this sport. Until that Turkey is about 5-6 years ago, my father and mother attended the Historik with a Fiat 131 Rally Championship. Their initiative showed me that I can now be a part of this sport. I started my journey with track races such as Prokart and V2 Challenge and Karşıyaka Climbing race. Immediately after, my rally adventure started when my family provided me with a Fiesta R2 rally car.

In 2017 and 2018, you became champion in your own category. What do you attribute to these achievements at a young age? What are the biggest factors in your success?
My family's financial and moral support in this matter is the biggest factor that has started my rally career. These as well as a professional race like Castrol Ford Team Turkey

The opportunities offered by the competition in the garage, the moral support of the people who have an important place in my life, and of course the support provided by valuable sponsors such as Klassis are the biggest factors behind my success in this sport. Behind the athlete with such incendiary forces is to keep his determination and work hard.

Do you think motor sports are sufficiently supported in our country? What kind of activities should be done in order to reach better places in motor sports?
Unfortunately, motor sports in our country zamdoes not receive immediate support and attention. It is very important to raise awareness for this sport. It should be advertised more, and more support should be given to the athletes for the continuity and protection of the athlete mass.

How important do you think sponsorship agreements are to sports?
Motor sports are exciting and extremely costly. In these cases, sponsor support is one of the most important factors in this sport.

What are your future goals for your career in motorsport?
There are many classes in the rally sport, some of which are more competitive than others. In my first two seasons as a competitor I won the Youth Championship and now I want to set a higher goal for myself. My goal is to be the best I can be by improving myself in increasingly difficult classrooms and achieving success in those classrooms. As an even more extreme target, I can say that I can compete abroad.

As a young athlete, what advice would you give to other young people interested in motor sport?
The first advice I will give to all motor sports enthusiasts and excited young people is not to seek the excitement they want in traffic. End zamIn those moments, organizations such as Tosfed Searching for the Star, aiming to bring more young people into motor sports, emerged. Organizations like these are opportunities that curious young people should not miss. I advise them to follow motor sports and watch all kinds of opportunities they may be included in this sport and take advantage of them as soon as they appear.

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