Turkish People Prefer Diesel Cars Most

turk people prefer diesel cars the most
turk people prefer diesel cars the most

In January and November last year, the number of vehicles registered to traffic 607 thousand 595, 55,3 percent of the registered cars were recorded as diesel fuel.

Agency Press, the leading institution of media monitoring, examined the number of news reflected in the press about cars. According to the information compiled by the Press Press and PRNet'in digital press archive, the number of news reflected in the press last year related to cars 109 thousand 502 recorded. News headlines examined in the last month of the year most of the domestic car was spoken. Only 3 thousand 897 diesel cars were found in the press.

Agency Presse, Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to information obtained from the data recording traffic from January to November period of last year's number was 607 thousand 595 vehicles. 55,3 percent of the registered cars recorded as diesel fuel, 35,3 percent gasoline, 5,9 percent was observed as LPG'li. Again in the January-November period, the number of registered cars is the most white color, the number was 185 thousand 934 on the basis of the number.


The domestic car, which was introduced at the end of December, was short zamIt made its mark on the agenda with a record number of talks. According to the news research of Ajans Press, 21 news outlets about domestic cars were detected on the Written Press, TV channels and internet sites. The domestic car, which reached a record number of news in a short time, ranked first among the most important topics of the agenda.

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