Renault Trucks Delivers First Major Delivery of the Year to Netlog Logistics

renault trucks made the first big delivery of the year netlog logistics
renault trucks made the first big delivery of the year netlog logistics

Turkey's largest integrated logistics company's first investment in the cold chain and logistics leader Netlog Logistics 2020 made by Renault Trucks. As part of the cooperation between the two companies, 150 Renault Trucks brand tractors joined the Netlog Logistics fleet.

Since its establishment in 2003, Turkey's first stable grew today among the 100 companies Netlog Logistics is taking sure steps to make the world a brand from Turkey. In addition to its investments abroad, Netlog Logistics continued its rapid growth domestically and made its first investments in 2020 for the vehicle fleet with Renault Trucks. Netlog strengthened its fleet with the purchase of 150 Renault Trucks T 480 trucks.

Sector in the year's first major car Netlog delivery remarkable as investment Logistics Management Board Chairman Shahab Age, Vice Chairman Gokalp Age, Commercial Operations President Olcay Renault Trucks' President of the World with Host Bruno Blin, Turkey President Sebastian Delepine, Sales Director, joined Umar Bursalıoğlu. Managers the same in the delivery ceremony of new cars zamHe also evaluated the agenda of the sector.

The most concrete indicator of our belief in the future of our country

Speaking at the delivery ceremony, Netlog Logistics Commercial Operations President Olcay Server stated that they continue their investments without slowing down on their journey with the goal of becoming a global brand in the field of logistics; freight forwarding services, and today Turkey's largest gold exporter in the field of logistics services is that they draw, "he ran pursue her dream of every zamOur top priority was to contribute to the economy of our country. Today we take these signatures and we perform this delivery ceremony of the fact that Turkey Netlog confidence in the economy; “The most concrete indicator of our belief in the future of our country”.

We manage nearly 6 thousand TIR movements a day at home

Not only in Turkey, worldwide transportation sector is the lifeblood of the economy, expressing Olcay Server, "in the sense that we do this, we support economic activity in the sector in a sense, with each investment. Today, as Netlog, we manage nearly 6 thousand TIR movements domestically every day. ” Reminding that the biggest cost item of logistics companies is fuel, Olcay Server continued as follows: “In such a large operation, besides providing value-added service and service quality, cost savings are also important in our competitive principles. We have been using Renault Trucks tractors since 2008 and T-series tractors since 2015. With these new generation tractors, we will reduce our costs and contribute to the protection of the environment while providing better quality service to our customers. ”

Netlog Logistics is a global logistics brand for us

Renault Trucks' President of the World Bruno Blum also visited Turkey participated in this important delivery. Blin, noting the importance of Turkey's market for Renault Trucks announced as follows: "Renault Trucks targets in Turkey every year while in 2020 we are delighted to start with Netlog Lojistik delivery. It is an indication of our success that our customers, who are important on a global scale like Netlog Logistics, who used Renault Trucks vehicles before, prefer our tow trucks. ”

Netlog Logistics has been using Renault Trucks trucks since 2008

President of Renault Trucks Turkey was announced at the delivery ceremony Sebastian Delepine; “Every time Netlog Logistics continues its sector-leading breakthroughs and expansions zamWe follow it closely and appreciate it. It is an important reference that they prefer our brand in our business partnership for more than 10 years, and that they make their investments in new purchases with Renault Trucks vehicles while both expanding and renewing their fleets. We know that Netlog Logistics is very satisfied with the fuel savings of our vehicles as well as their performance and efficiency. When it comes to commercial vehicles, the main issue is that the vehicles are on the road with high performance and total cost of ownership. When you perform large operations such as Netlog Logistics, the total cost of ownership is important in terms of the competitiveness and quality of the service you offer. About this zam“We are trying to stand by our customers not only with our vehicles but also with our total solutions”.

Renault Trucks T series tractors stating that they increase their market share with Renault Trucks in Turkey while Turkey Bursalıoğlu Sales Director Omar; “Our long road T series has a very special position in its segment. Our vehicles contribute to both the operations of logistics companies and drivers' comfort and efficiency with their latest technological features, high performance, fuel saving and comfort. We are very pleased that all the advantages we offer are appreciated by Netlog Logistics. Making our first delivery to Netlog Logistics with such a large investment was the beginning of a very special year for us. ”

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