Renault Wins 2019 Passenger Car Leadership in 20

renault also achieved the leadership of the passenger car once
renault also achieved the leadership of the passenger car once

In 2019, Renault became the market leader in passenger cars for the 20th time. Turkey's best-selling model of the first 3 ranking in 2 models, models are produced in the factories of Renault Oyak Renault Clio and Megane HB took place as a limousine.

Turkey's undisputed leading brand of Renault passenger cars, passenger car market in unit sales of 60 thousand 668 units and 15,7 percent market share for the 20th time with the passenger car market leadership took the title. In 2019, Renault recorded 64 units and 977 market share in the total market.

In 2019, Turkey's best-selling 3 of the first 2 models of Renault. Turkey's most preferred models Factories produced in Oyak Renault Clio HB ranking # 2, # 3 in the Megane Sedan took place.

In 2019, Clio HB became the clear leader of the B HB segment with 24 sales. Clio HB, with a share of 213 percent in the segment of its closest competitor approximately 46 times (the closest competitor sales 4 thousand 6 units) was the number of sales. Megane Sedan was the second in the C Sedan segment with 593 units.

Çağdaş The automotive sector completed 2019 with a better result than the pessimistic predictions at the beginning of the year with the positive contribution of the different incentives provided by our government. With the support supported by both SCT and scrap incentives and the financial support provided by state-owned banks to domestic production vehicles at the end of the year, we were able to close the market in 2019 at a much better level than our estimates at the beginning of the year. This year is the 20th time we've achieved leadership with passenger car brand in Turkey's undisputed leader in passenger car was once again certified. Meanwhile, Turkey's best-selling brand ranking in the top 3 factories produced in Oyak Renault Clio and Megane HB models to include our limousine was a distinct pride for us. The sales figure and segment leadership achieved by Clio HB in 2019 was positive data about the success of New Clio, which we will present to our customers in February. In the year 2020, which we entered with a much more positive expectation on behalf of the sector, we foresee that Yeni Clio, which is produced at OYAK Renault Factories in Bursa, will also provide positive support to our brand and our sales, which will be offered to the market in the first half of the year. '

Nostalgia TV Application award of the year

In 2009, Renault MAIS was awarded with the ”Nostalgia TV Application of the Year” award at the ODD Gladiators award ceremony with its Kangoo commercial series. Kangoo's commercial films that emphasize the functional use and technological features of humorous language in both business and family life brought great success to the brand in terms of market share and brand awareness.

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