The important thing is not to produce domestic cars, but to establish the sales network correctly

It is not about producing the domestic car that is important, but to establish the sales network.
It is not about producing the domestic car that is important, but to establish the sales network.

Corporate Change Academy, which sets out with the aim of providing the most reliable mentoring services to companies aiming to develop in corporate permanence and agility, and makes a difference with its Change Architects, continues its industry sharing meetings.

'Yesterday, Today, and Future' Automotive meeting, moderated by Corporate Change Academy Board Member Bahadır Kayan, was held. Speakers of the meeting, which attracted great interest, were TOSB Board Member, Farplas CEO and Board Member, CCA Honor Board Member Ömer Burhanoğlu and Norm / İnci Holding Board Member, Fark Holding Advisory Board Member, CCA Exchange Architect Zafer Uran Zamit was the moment.


Turkey is the world automotive market, representing a share of 1,5 percent TOSB Member of the Board, CEO and Board Member Farplas, CCA Honorary Board Member Omar Burhanoğlu, decisions regarding domestic car production zamHe said they found it instantly and on the spot.

Expressing that it is not difficult to manufacture automobiles today and that the process has become simpler due to structural changes, Burhanoğlu said, “It is not a very difficult thing to make a vehicle anymore. There are a lot of structural changes. 200 main parts of a vehicle have dropped to 20 and 2000 thousand parts to 200. In other words, the components were reduced and the process was simplified. It is possible to do all these operations with fewer companies. There is no problem with producing domestic cars. It can be achieved with the right business model. The main thing here is to make the next tool. Because when we make the first vehicle, we cannot sell enough and develop the sales network, this work remains a prototype. ”

Expressing that all the dizzying developments we witness in mobile life will be experienced in the automotive sector in the short term, Ömer Burhanoğlu emphasized that the automotive industry will grow like a snowball and become a giant industry due to the connected vehicles. Burhanoğlu said, “You no longer have a chance to produce something without collaborating. Many different sectors such as electronics and software were also included in the automotive industry. ”


Stating that technology will reach a very different dimension in the next 5 years, Norm / İnci Holding Board Member, Fark Holding Advisory Board Member, CCA Change Architect Zafer Uran Zamthe moment suggested that the cars would fly. Stating that the navigation system will gain more importance with this development, Zafer Uran Zammoment, “I think a very correct zamAt that moment, we made the right decision. Now Toyota is building a big city at the foot of Mount Fuji. The cars and roads here are completely automated. As Turkey is very lucky. If we can evaluate the issue regardless of the policy, I think positive developments will occur. " said. Stating that many OEMs will disappear or merge in the upcoming period, Zafer Uran Zamthe moment, "Your unification is the same zamIt should not be forgotten that there is a bulkiness at the moment. " he spoke.

Expressing the importance of accessing correct information today, the Chairman of Corporate Change Academy, Buket Eminoğlu thanked the speakers, participants and CCA Exchange Architects. Buket Eminoğlu stated that they obtained many important information about the current situation analysis and the future of the sector, one of the most experienced names of the automotive sector, and stated that sector based meetings will continue in the coming period.

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