NISSAN Introduced New Design Philosophy with Ariya Concept at CES

Nissan AriyaConcept
Nissan AriyaConcept

NISSAN, transformation for the auto industry zamhas launched its 100% electric SUV vehicle “Ariya Concept”, which it calls a new era for the memory and NISSAN, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Symbolizing a realistic view of NISSAN's future vehicles, the "Ariya Concept" represents NISSAN Intelligent Mobility with the latest progress in "Intelligent Power, Intelligent Driving and Intelligent Integration".

Japanese automotive giant NISSAN staged the 100% electric SUV model “Ariya Concept C at CES, the world's largest electronics fair, where the latest technology products were introduced.

NISSAN zamEmphasizing the new design direction called the inexorable Japanese Futurism, “Ariya Concept” redefines a new vehicle architecture, how cars are powered, how cars interact with society, how an electric vehicle with advanced driving features can offer a new perspective.

Ariya's exterior creates a balance between dynamic beauty and technology. This concept shows what is possible with NISSAN's 100% electric platform. Surprisingly short stalactites, large cabin, big wheels and two-color paint offer a stylish look that combines sporty and luxury.

At the front, instead of the traditional front louver, there is a panel that NISSAN calls “shield.. The car comes with 21-inch aluminum wheels and thanks to the highly curved C-pillars, the rear part looks different from traditional SUVs.

NISSAN, which is among the fastest to develop EVs and smart driving technologies, combines “Ariya Concept” with traditional Japanese minimalist themes. NISSAN with the “Ariya Concept”, which manages to look both forward and back at the same time, combines high technology and Japanese spirit; a new language that combines electrical, autonomous and connected functions. NISSAN aims to continue its role as a global pioneer with its work in this field.

NISSAN'at CES technologies

NISSAN Ariya Concept: NISSAN Ariya Concept electric crossover. At the NISSAN Intelligent Mobility Corner, technology experts, such as ProPILOT 2.0, advanced driver support system, dual engine four-wheel control system, acoustic meta-material and Smart Route Planner features such as Ariya Concept attracted great interest in the fair.

NISSAN'Zero Emission Ice Cream Van: The ice cream served in the concept minibus, which is completely electrically powered, which combines backup battery storage and renewable solar energy production, became the provincial focus. Inspired by the 100% electric e-NV200 light commercial vehicle, the engine of the ice cream van is powered by a 40 kilowatt-hour battery. The portable power pack, which uses a lithium-ion battery from old first-generation NISSAN electric vehicles, provides power to the built-in equipment.

Propilot Golf Ball: Inspired by the ProPILOT 2.0 advanced driver support system, NISSAN produced a self-putting golf ball. A hill camera on the small golf course on the stand detects the locations of the golf ball and hole. Sensing technology and an internal electric motor keep the ball on track until it reaches the hole.

Power Selfie: CES guests experienced the Formula E race car at NISSAN's booth in a cheerful animation. With the help of high-power fans and special effects, the Power Selfie stand records a short video to simulate the speed of a 100% electric racing car from 2,8 to 0 km in 100 seconds. The guests experienced the excitement of Formula E at CES by creating a GIF that seemed to be driving the race car.

Formula E race car: NISSAN, the first Japanese vehicle manufacturer to participate in the Formula E street racing championship with electric vehicles, unveils new and Japanese-inspired vehicle paint for the new season.

NISSAN LEAF e +: The NISSAN LEAF e + electric vehicle featured a powerful engine, long-distance, advanced technologies, including the ProPILOT driver support system (called ProPILOT Assist in the US market), and innovative e-Pedal that allows single-pedal operation.

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