Women in the housing, Men decide the car

men decide the car
men decide the car

The interest-free housing and vehicle acquisition sector, which reached an annual volume of 25 billion TL, completed 2019 with 120 percent growth. Serdar Kolo, the Chairman of Vakıfevim's Board of Directors said, “The participants have bought nearly 1 thousand houses and automobiles in the last year. We see that the decision is made by women in the housing and men in the automobile. ” The rate of follow-up in retail loans was 40 percent, while the interest-free housing sector was only 3.6 percent.

In the interest-free housing and vehicle acquisition system, the size of the sector reached TL 25 billion annually. While 2019 was one of the most productive years, the sector grew by 120 percent due to high interest rates. In 2020, 50 percent growth is expected. With the system that provides employment for 5 thousand people and reaches 700 branches, the participants purchased nearly 1 thousand houses and automobiles in the last 40 year. Founding Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vakıfevim, one of the most innovative institutions in the sector, Serdar Kolo listed the interesting statistics about the sector as follows:

Loyal to the participant's debt:

According to BRSA data, as of September 2019, the amount of non-performing loans reached TL 20 billion. In total, the follow-up rate in credit card and consumer loans was 3.64 percent. In the interest-free housing and vehicle acquisition sector, the follow-up rate is much lower with 0.8 percent.

Gives you the habit of paying:

The customers pay more regularly because they are under the discipline of payment in the period before delivery and there is no interest burden. In this system, because the amounts are determined before, it does not turn to the amounts exceeding itself and makes the house preferences according to the budget.

Young people want cars:

Women are talking about housing in families. Women are directing family members to buy housing. Men are deciding on the automobile. Recently, especially young people between the ages of 19-23 are in high demand for cars.

They want 200 + 3 at most 1 thousand TL

Since the institutions in the sector make expertise in the purchase of housing, they also accumulate purchasing statistics in this field. The highest demand comes from Istanbul, followed by Ankara, Gaziantep, Konya and Kocaeli. The participants turn to 200.000 + 3 houses with an average of 1 TL. Studios and 1 + 1 apartments are of low interest.

Will reach 41 branches

Serdar Kolo says Vakıfevim will help more than 2020 thousand families realize their dream of housing and automobile in 10. Vakıfevim, which will reach 2020 branches in 41, will reach a contract volume of 200 million TL.

Great interest in mini savings

Vakıfevim started to offer mini savings system for the first time in the sector besides housing and automobile. With the service offered for the first time in the sector, participants can enter the system for amounts up to 5.000 TL. The month after the contract, he can get the amount he wants and can meet his health, education or special needs. Participants pay back in equal installments of 12 months.

Refund of participation fee

For the first time in the sector, Vakıfevim offers a refund of the participation fee. This fee is charged only during the stay. If the customer wishes to leave, they are refunded excluding the costs.

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