KIA Electric Vehicle Move

kia electric vehicle move
kia electric vehicle move

Aiming to maintain its strength in the automotive sector by developing its future activities, KIA; It will invest $ 2025 billion by 25 as part of the new 'Plan S strategy', which includes electric vehicle, mobile services, connectivity and autonomous driving.

In this context, South Korean automotive giant KIA will develop 2025 electric models by 11, and KIA targets a 6,6 percent market share in the global electric vehicle market.

Which operates under the umbrella of Anadolu Group in Turkey, KIA, from a traditional business model which focuses on motor vehicle electric vehicles and are preparing to move to a business model that focuses on personalized transportation solutions. In this context, KIA announced its 'Plan S' strategy aimed at two-stage transition, including electric and autonomous vehicles and transportation services.

KIA, which will invest $ 25 billion within the scope of the 'Plan S' strategy, foresees to develop 2025 electric models by 11, to gain 6.6% market share * in the global electric vehicle market and to provide 25% of its sales from electric vehicles. KIA also aims to sell 2026 electric vehicles annually in the electric vehicle market, which is expected to grow by 500.

In addition to these goals in the production and sales of electric vehicles, KIA will play a leading role in the solution of global urban problems such as environmental pollution by providing electric vehicle-based transportation services as part of the new business model.

Gradual transition to electric vehicles

KIA, which will develop its first electric vehicle within the scope of 'Plan S' in 2021, will first produce an electric vehicle in the crossover silhouette. The vehicle, which will reach over 500 km range on a single charge, will also have a fast charge feature in under 20 minutes.

KIA will expand its electrical product range with SUVs and MPVs by 2022 and will have a family of 2025 models by 11.

KIA's SUV sales will reach 60 percent

Developing its strategy for the Y generation growing with technology and Z generation born with technology, KIA aims to lead in the electric vehicle market. KIA, which will develop 11 electric models within the scope of 'Plan S' with its innovative vision, foresees 2022% share in total sales of SUV sales until 60.

With its 'Plan S', KIA will accelerate its investments in future transportation methods and electric vehicle technology, thus providing 20% ​​of its total sales in developed markets from electric vehicles.

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