Adnan Ünverdi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GSO

gso board chairman adnan unverdiden domestic automobile rating
gso board chairman adnan unverdiden domestic automobile rating

GSO President Adnan Ünverdi, national and domestic technology within the scope of the move with our domestic car has passed a major turnaround, he said.

Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) Ünverdi Adnan Chairman of the Board, within the scope of national and local technology moves the Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group on premise (TOGG) with our local car developed by said that now a major turning point in our country.

Noting that they were partners with this great pride in the "Journey to Innovation Meeting" program held in the Information Valley in Gebze, Ünverdi said, "We unfortunately missed the previous industrial revolutions, but now we have no chance other than catching high technologies in order to take our place in the developing world. The works initiated in the first years of the Republic in our country for the production of aircraft and automobiles have always been abandoned and unfortunately it has been inconclusive. After 58 years of revolution cars, this long yearning has come to an end. Today, our state is developing very important projects together with our private sector for high technology, be it the defense industry or the automotive industry. Serious distances have been covered in the defense industry in a short time that we are proud of this. Thank goodness, we also got the domestic car of our country with its knowledge, technology and sweat. Today, with these developments, we are experiencing a transformation not only in technology but also mentally. ”

Noting that our domestic car developed by TOGG has occurred in a critical period and as a new generation car, it can find the opportunity to start the race in international competition not even behind, but even one step ahead. “The automotive sector is among the most competitive sectors in the world. In the sector, which has been dominated by gasoline and diesel engines for many years, companies are now conducting projects on automobile technologies operating on electricity. At a time when semi-gasoline and semi-electric models gained weight, our country showed its claim in the sector with a fully electric car. High-tech automotive sector in Turkey hope with this new generation of cars also will become a global brand with their own car, "he said.

TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, "Turkey's domestic brand cars is not just make cars. Turkey's car is more than just a car. Turkey's automobile and technological transformation, the transition to the digital economy. It is a new challenge "Ünverdi reminiscent of the words," Turkey's TOBB President's remarks about the car is the best way to summarize this process. This is a great transformation..

In such a process, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry started the transformation program in the industry and in this context, the defense industry and the medical sector took important steps Ünverdi expressed that the region is ready for all kinds of initiatives in the automotive sector as a city opening to the Middle East.

Design, equipment, comfort and eyes filled with high-tech 'Turkey's car to our country and wish that our nation auspicious Adnan Ünverdi, "At first, Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, TOGG and TOBB Board Chairman Mr. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Turkey I would like to thank the Car Venture Group of Turkey, all of our engineers for their efforts and hard work. ”

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