Dieci Web Site is Online with its New Design

dieci web site is online with its new design
dieci web site is online with its new design

Turkey distributor of Temsa based in Italy, where Business Machines by brand Dieci telescopic handlers walked the website goes live with a new design. The website, which can be accessed from www.dieci.com.tr, has a modern, functional and user-friendly design where users can access the information they are looking for in the fastest and easiest way.

Dieci telescopic handlers brands in the world's leading website goes live in Turkey www.dieci.com.t address. With its functional and user-friendly face, the site allows customers to quickly access the product group and the features of these products, from products such as telescopic loaders, rotary telescopic loaders, on-site concrete mixers and on-site trucks to the agricultural sector, telescopic and The articulated telescopic handlers contain detailed information on many different, high-performance and functional products.

The site is aimed at finding answers to all the needs and questions of the users with the least clicks. In addition, visitors can contact the company via 0850 480 1 846 Customer Communication Line or 0530 918 0 846 WhatsApp line by clicking the relevant button on the website; they can get information from customer service about every topic of interest and direct their questions to the technical team.

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