Clio 2020 Goes On Sale

Turkey's 2020 New Clio Renault Clio price is how much and what hardware features of the engine and our news. The highly anticipated Renault Clio in Turkey in 2020 will be on sale in February. So how will the new Renault Clio Turkey's selling price? Renault introduced the B segment Clio 5 last year. The press launch of the renewed version of Clio, the best-selling model of the Renault Group, was held in Antakya with intense participation.

How much is the price of the new Clio?

"His name clio bbest ever ClioNew Renault introduced with the slogans ” Clio, In Turkey Joytouch ve Icon It will be available in February with prices starting from 111 thousand TL with three hardware options. Coral Orange and Iron Blue, New Clio launch is among the colors. Bosphorus Blue and Mercan Orange stand out as the colors used in 2020 model Clio for the first time. Renault Clio caught a high sales figures in Turkey as it is known models, and so was the price of the most curious thing about the 2020 Clio. The prices of the new Clio are as follows:

2020 Model Clio January List Price
Joy 1.0 SCe 72 hp 111.000 ₺
Joy 1.0 TCe X-Tronic 100 hp 118.700 ₺
Joy 1.5 Blue dCi 85 hp 140.900 ₺
Touch 1.0 TCe 100 hp 118.000 ₺
Touch 1.0 TCe X-Tronix 100 hp 131.500 ₺
Touch 1.5 Blue dCi 115 hp 149.900 ₺
Icon 1.0 TCe 100 hp 132.000 ₺
Icon 1.0 TCe X-Tronic 100 hp 140.500 ₺
Icon 1.3 TCe EDC 130 hp 154.500 ₺
Icon 1.5 Blue dCi 115 hp 159.400 ₺

The Price List belongs to the date of 29.01.2020. Prices are for information only. Prices can be updated by Renault.

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