Diesel Prohibition of Turkey in Europe also will Affect

yasagi diesel in Europe will affect the turkiyede
yasagi diesel in Europe will affect the turkiyede

After Milan, the historical city of Italy, the diesel ban, which was also implemented in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, spread to other European cities. France in 2020, the implementation in the Netherlands and Norway expected 'diesel indicating total ban would Turkey also affects the world's largest alternative fuel systems manufacturer brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "the environment by both the World Health Organization as well as Diesel engine vehicles, which are proven to harm people, emit 10 times more harmful gas than gasoline vehicles. Diesel vehicles will be phased out of production in 2030. In order to protect the historical texture and improve the air quality, the diesel ban is close zamI believe we will see it in our big cities, especially in Istanbul, ”he said.

Diesel bans started in Germany are spreading to all European cities. The 'diesel ban', which first began in Cologne in 2018, was implemented in Italy's historic city of Milan last year, followed by Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bonn and Essen. In Germany and Italy, the sale of diesel vehicles has slowed down and diesel vehicle owners have suffered major financial losses in their second-hand sales.

In the laboratory tests conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), diesel fuel proved to be 10 times more harmful to the environment.

Milan then Barcelona and Madrid enters the ban on diesel by 2020, followed by France, the Netherlands and Norway in the implementation of the city awaited 'prohibition of diesel is expected to bring the sound in Turkey.


The world's largest alternative fuel systems manufacturer describing the damage to the diesel fuel brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter, "Air pollution and human health in terms of the most important pollutants called PM of solid particles and oxides of nitrogen abbreviated as NOx. It is calculated that the health expenditures arising from PM in the European Union countries are 75 thousand Euros per ton and the NOx amount is 12 thousand Euros. The diesel ban launched by the Münster Court in Cologne in Germany today is implemented in Italy and Spain. It is expected to take effect in France, the Netherlands and Norway before the end of this year. It is also possible to see the diesel ban in Istanbul, which is priceless for its historical value. You can understand how high the PM values ​​are in a city that is so busy in the city center from the air quality in congested traffic. Kul All over the world, the production of diesel engine vehicles slowed down by 2030 is expected to be completely removed from production.

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